Does SEDCO provide training to aspiring business people?

Yes. Our training courses are suitable for people who want to start and those who are already in business.

 Do I have to visit SEDCO Estates for training?

We conduct training courses throughout the country in convenient venues to the participants. It can be schools, churches, Tinkhundla Centres etc. We conduct training courses to a minimum number of ten people. 

         How do I know about ongoing trainings?

SEDCO advertises training courses in the local dailies. You can also call our offices for more information on forthcoming training courses.

 Can I get marketing assistance for my products?

SEDCO links entrepreneurs with potential buyers. Contracts and prices are the responsibility of the entrepreneur to negotiate with the potential buyers. 

          How can I get help from SEDCO?

You can visit your nearest SEDCO Offices for assistance.

         How long does it take to register a company?

At least two weeks depending on the numbers of companies to be registered.

         Do I have to visit SEDCO offices for company registration?

Yes. You must call our offices to finalise the part of company registration that could not be done online.

         How often do you conduct your trainings?

Every week depending on the demand for training courses.

       What must I do to attend a training course?

Register at any SEDCO office and pay the stipulated amount for the intended training course.

       Where can I find SEDCO offices?

Pigg’s Peak, Sidwashini, Mbabane, Manzini, Matsapha, Nhlangano, Hlatikhulu and Vuvulane.

       Does SEDCO provide finance for SMEs?

No. SEDCO does not provide finance to SMEs. However, SEDCO prepares project proposals for presentation to financial institutions by SMEs to access business finance.