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Bookkeeping for Small Business

Book keeping is very simple in definition. It is actually defined as the recording of business transactions of money and money’s worth, in an orderly and systematic manner so that information with regard to the financial position of the business may be readily obtained.

How simple is that?!

A lot of people need your business books. Most commonly, when you need a loan your bank manager will need your books.

This course will help you to master the task of collecting and recording the financial information of your business.

Course Scope and Content

Purpose of bookkeeping. You should understand why you even need to keep your business’ books

·         Who will actually use your books in depth? You also get to understand what you benefit from those using your books.

Office Work

You will understand how your business needs to be run and learn the best office procedures for your small business success.


       Cash Management and its links to book keeping

You discover all the pitfalls and the means of safeguarding your cash. You in fact are in business for the cash right!

·         Study all fraud gimmicks and how to discover them

·         Specific controls for small businesses

·         The proper books to keep and how to keep them.

Not just your bookkeeper needs this course, the entrepreneur needs it too. Contact our trainers now (Contact Us)

 Business Idea Generation

If you are an aspiring businessperson not knowing how to get into business, this course is for you.  You might have an idea on what you want to do. You might also be as blank as an emptied recycle bin.

Whatever your situation this course is for you. You will know all the winning opportunities and what you need to know to identify your place and exactly where you can venture.

This course addresses also the issue of venturing into failure before you begin. It avoids pitfalls such as the ‘copy cat syndrome’! You will learn how diversification can give you a million dollar idea. You just need to know where to be and when

Costing Course

This course teaches business owners about a better, more-effective way to analyse and manage the costs associated with producing and  selling a product or  service. Traditional methods of financial management to provide a bigger picture, long-term view of operation costs, but do little to contribute to day-to-day operation decisions. Participants in this course will learn how every activity associated with producing a product or service has a corresponding, definable cost, which can be monitored and managed for greater profitability.

The course will explore how to go beyond traditional accounting costs (overhead, direct/indirect labour, materials) by measuring the costs associated with detailed activities and how they consume varying degrees of overhead, labour and materials in the case of products being manufactured. Entrepreneurs will learn how activity-based costing can clearly pinpoint trouble spots by product and focus cost-based decisions on day-to-day improvement efforts.

Costing is a very elaborate subject and therefore an extensive course is offered. It runs for five days. If you want to set the correct price, it is very important to know how much it costs to produce the product or service. We will come to your area if you contact us or see our training schedule for a course running near you.

Marketing and Customer Care

Providing customer care and delivering a first class customer service is about creating the right impression first time - a must for businesses that deal directly with the people. To be successful, customer care requires an understanding of customer expectations and the skills to exceed that expectation, even when faced with difficult customers. This training course - customer care - is both practical and interactive, providing the personal and professional skills required for business people or staff who are often the first point of contact for customers. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to practice customer handling skills with role play, practical exercise and in discussion groups, enabling a confident return to the business.

Course Objectives

To Make one understand the impact of good/bad service.
Take more responsibility for complete customer satisfaction.
Handle customer objections and complaints positively.
Enhance the reputation of the company.
Create and maintain a professional customer-led image.
Learn how to develop customer empathy.
Remain calm even when under pressure.

Gather information, even in a tense situation, in order to deal with the real problem.
Defuse customer anger and build rapport.
Communicate with confidence and assurance.
Maintain professionalism under pressure.

Course Content

  • ·          Customer Care - It's Importance
  • ·          The Customer-led Approach
  • ·          First Impressions Count

·         Communicating Positively


·         Front Line Complaint Handling

·         The Complaint - How to Control It

·         Communication that Works

·         Remaining Calm - Not Over-reacting

·         Creating Satisfaction from Dissatisfaction

·         Creating an action plan

Selling Skills

Selling Skills course significantly improves the skills and techniques needed to reach top sales productivity. When small business people are trained and certified in the Action Selling process, they win more business, protect profit margins, make more money and transform the entire sales culture of the small business!

The Selling skills course and the sales management process identifies

·         Five Critical Sales Skills.

·         Buyer Seller Relationship

·         Sales Call Planning

·         Questioning Skills

·         Sales Presentation Skills

·         Gaining Commitment

Selling then combines these skills into a high-impact, non-manipulative procedure that moves the sale forward - naturally, by following the decision making process every buyer uses. In other words selling skills seminars and workshops teach entrepreneurs and their employees how and when to use these 5 critical sales skills within a research proven, step-by-step process for planning, conducting and closing the sale, as well as how to use relationship skills that foster long-lasting customer loyalty. The course is run in only one day. Remember selling is an art. You do not want to be left behind and loose your sales. People won't just buy unless they are convinced that they are getting their money’s worth.

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